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 A lure like no other. 

It is the design of Captain JC Burke and has taken many a tournament fish. This unique design has a cupped lure head knocking into another hard lure head followed by 2 small green(or rainbow) T's, reverse crimped (this makes them dance) onto the main line, then the stinger has a Large Green(or Rainbow) T rigged with an additional Purple/Black (or Green/Yellow) skirt with an egg sinker rigged with an 8/0 VMC Dynacut hook. It is rigged with 250lb Quatro camo main line.

Run it from an outrigger to make the "Knocker" knock.

Come in a Lure Bag.

Choose from two colors:

  •  Green

  • Rainbow

    This White Marlin was taken on the "KNOCKER"

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