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Hoo w/ Dr J Skirt

Hoo w/ Dr J Skirt



 No need to rig real hoo's anymore. 

This is a rubber hoo pin rigged with a chin weight using 8' of 200lb clear monofilament and an 8/0 VMC Dynacut hook. The DR J skirt mimics a very popular and expensive alternative. It comes with a spare hoo in a lure bag. These will catch all pelagic species and is highly productive. Can be run anywhere in the spread. 

This is a must have for any offshore tackle bag. 

Comes in a lure bag.

Comes in 5 colors:

  • Blue/White
  • Pink/Blue
  • Purple/Black
  • Pink/White
  • Yellow/Green(not shown)

 This 80 lb Yellowfin was caught using a Blue/White skirted hoo.

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