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Fluke/Wide Gap Snelled Gold Hooks  9146

Fluke/Wide Gap Snelled Gold Hooks 9146


Eagle Claw 9146 Snelled Fluke/Wide Gap Hook 

Eagle Claw Snelled Fluke/Flounder Hooks are perfectly made for the traditional style of fishing for flounder on the East Coast. The hook is more closely related to an Aberdeen style which is based on the 'J-Hook' design adding a longer shank. It allows the angler to thread a sandworm on the hook and the hook size is perfect for the tiny mouths of winter flounder. The Eagle Claw 9160 Flounder Hooks are of an offset construction with a 4X Long Shank and built from medium wire. The hook is attached to 12" of monofilament that has been threaded through a bead for added attraction. 


Sizes: 1/0, 2/0, 3/0

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